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Window Cleaning & Screen Cleaning Tips!

Does your house on the Sunshine Coast just attract dirt or salt water residue to your window screens. Are you worried about hurting your screens as you do your window cleaning. Watch this video and Nathan will show you a basic method to clean your screens regularly yourself without damaging them.


Water Stains Or Salty Windows - Window Cleaning Near The Beaches of Sunshine Coast

Living in coastal areas such as the Sunshine Coast is beautiful, however, for your windows it can be a little harsh. Salty or dirty water left on your windows for a long time will lead to permanent staining. Also, if your gutters are blocked excessive water run off can leave water marks on your windows.

#Tip - If you live on the beach particularly the Sunshine Coast don't use metal screens, and get your windows cleaned regularly. If you live around trees get your gutters checked and cleaned regularly. Water marks can be prevented by window cleaning with 100% clean filtered water.


Post Construction Window Cleaning Sunshine Coast

This week Nathan and the team have been working hard on some post construction windows that need cleaning. Windows during construction have protective film and sometimes leaves a residue.

#Tip - Never leave protective film on windows for a long time or leave in the sun

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