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Keck window & gutter Cleaning 
Sunshine Coast

ABOUt us

Welcome to Keck Window & Gutter Cleaning, my name is Nathan Keck & my beautiful wife is Simone. I have always loved working in the window cleaning industry. It has taken many years to master both skill and knowledge but I am confident after over 15 years now that we provide the best premium window & gutter cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast. You wouldn't think there is as much to it, but windows are an especially delicate thing to clean!

I have pioneered many firsts for some areas we have lived in, with techniques and tools such as the water fed pole window cleaning. A purified water system that leaves the perfect streak free clean on any glass, up to four storeys high. This has been a great tool especially in some of our commercial projects (large government buildings etc.) & a staple for residential properties.

My wife and I haven't been able to move far from our home towns of Kiels Mountain & Coolum Beach, there is a beauty in Sunshine Coast that is so unique. We feel blessed to live and work in such a stunning location, some days you will find us near the pristine Sunshine Coast beaches to the green rugged mountains of Sunshine Coast hinterland.

We look forward to working with you soon!

Yours Sincerely,

Nathan Keck 

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